WPC-The real alternative to exotic hardwoods

Today one of the largest problem we are facing is deforestation, which destroys the habitats of millons of animal and plant species hence affecing the production of oxygen and disturbing the environment .The situation today is worth concerning, is it necessary to exploit the hardwoods in such a rapid rate??
The solution exist but we might be unaware of it ecoste will help you discover it in a greener way. This new material had the appearance and qualities of the rarest species of wood while offering a truly eco-friendly alternative. Manufactured from recycled wood fibres and resins, and designed to put man and nature into harmony,it offers superior physical and mechanical properties to those of hardwood.
Exposed to the elements, the lifeImagecycle of wood, whether soft or hardwood, is limited. Wood is vulnerable to UV radiation, humidity, fungal growth or insect attack, and requires regular treatment to delay greying, splitting, splintering or the spread of rot. Wood polymer composite provides an appealing alternative: rotproof and durable, it is guaranteed splinter-free and non-slip, it will not split or crack, and is resistant to insects and fungal infection. High-quality products like ecoste keep their original colour. The functional ingredients used, and the technical characteristics of the end product, guarantee unrivalled performance and durability. Manufactured exclusively from recycled wood, and with the look and feel of natural hardwood, ecoste today offers a viable alternative to exploiting the equatorial rain forests
Durability: an essential quality
While hardwood will gradually succumb over time to weathering and hostile outdoor conditions, WPC is used in very diverse climates, and under difficult conditions where exposure to extreme heat and sunshine, or constant humidity, are the norm. Its resistance to extreme climatic conditions explains its succes.
Infinitely versatile
Suitable for any climate, and stunning to look at, WPC lends itself to a multitude of different uses both outdoors and indoors: decking, swimming pool surrounds, walkways, paths, steps, outdoor furniture or panelling, wood flooring or wall coverings,Warm and natural looking, it mimics the look and feel of natural wood to perfection.
Easy to install
WPC  is very easy to install: the calibrated boards, accessories and fixing clips reduce laying times to half those required when installing hardwood decking or support structures. Using standard tools,even the most inexperienced installer can produce straight, neat cuts without splintering.
Minimal maintenance 
The grained surface of the boards offers exceptional adherence. It requires no special maintenance and is easily cleaned using a high-pressure water jet or hose.The boards can be worked and sanded just like wood. Accidental spills or stains can be removed, and the original surface restored by sanding lightly with a fine-grade sandpaper.
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