Wood plastic composite machinery manufacturers

Ever you have heard about plastic wood? It is a composition of waste wood and plastic. For environmentalists, it represents a dilemma. Plastic wood is a substitute for lumber so it conceivably saves trees. But Wood Plastic Composite during manufacturing is emission intensive when compared to the environmental impact of harvesting natural timber, cutting it and delivering it to your local lumberyard.

Wood Plastic Composite

In fact, collected data from the different source, the author suggests that greenhouse gas emissions from composites are up to 330% higher than timber harvested from redwood forests for use in decking and other construction. Current show that the plastic wood market, around for the last 20 years accounts for 10% of the total market for decking materials and is expected to grow to 32% by 2016.

What are the implications of replacing wood with Wood Plastic Composite? In an article appearing in the same issue of Nature, the author, describes how reconstructed not with wood but recycled plastic wood over steel-reinforced concrete. So what was once a boardwalk made from wooden boards will no longer exist.  Instead composite plastic wood will be underfoot.

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